real-world examples of laurie’s Executive resumes

In response to popular demand, a selection of resumes, executive bios, and cover letters that have been made appropriately anonymous is currently in the conversion process to be web-ready, and will be posted as they are ready on this Executive Resume Samples page. To protect this proprietary material, the examples will consist primarily of representative excerpts, in order to demonstrate the style and quality of content while protecting the confidentiality and investment of clients. (The last thing an executive would want to see is his or her resume duplicated by a competing candidate.)


Please bear in mind that the treatment for each person’s career is unique, and the format and content of these sample executive resumes and other documents will not represent a blueprint for your resume even if your job title is the same. However, the examples will at least give you an idea of my general approach.

Examples with active links below are available for viewing now; additional sample executive resumes as listed are currently in development and will cover various industries and functions, including:

  • Chief Medical Officer Resume