You’ve worked very hard to rise through the executive ranks.

To continue on your way to the top (or to stay there), you need a high impact and complete career document portfolio.

Your portfolio should include both a resume and a LinkedIn profile, and for more senior executives and those involved in board service, you will want to include an executive bio as well.

As you begin to engage in an active job search, you may also need well-crafted cover letters, follow-up letters, or other documents such as salary history and reference list.

Creative Keystrokes™Executive Resume Service is truly your “one-stop resource” for career transition services. From executive resume writing services to LinkedIn profiles, executive bios, and cover letters to Web distribution to targeting mailings—we either do it all or can refer you to a trusted resource who can.

For competitive reasons and because of the importance I place on individually customizing and matching services to the needs of my clients, I do not publish fees. I have found that after evaluating your situation and objectives, we are in a better position to determine what configuration of services will best suit your needs. I do work exclusively at senior executive level, and my fees are periodically researched to confirm they are within industry norms for top-notch senior executive resume services.

I will be happy to provide complete details regarding my services, packages, and fee structure. You are welcome to call or email for further information and/or to submit your current resume for a complimentary evaluation and consultation. You will find my approach to be very low-key, helpful, and cordial, and my fee structure to be very straightforward.


self-Marketing Document Design and Development


Executive Resume Service
Your executive resume is your foot in the door to most opportunities.

The purposes of your resume are threefold:

  • to get you the interview,

  • to serve as an interview guide for the potential employer, and

  • to justify the hiring decision to higher management.

I’ll create a carefully crafted document that informs a potential employer about your skills and qualifications.

It will powerfully communicate your brand and describe what you can do, what you have done, and what contributions you will make.

Your resume will use the latest in executive resume strategies and formats that have earned the endorsement of and referral to Creative Keystrokes℠ by executive recruiters.

This comprehensive service includes consultation, writing, and design, and you receive an electronic copy of your document in MS Word (complimentary PDF if desired).


LinkedIn® Profile Optimization Service & E-Guide
Did you know that over 95% of recruiters were using LinkedIn® as a primary recruiting resource as early as 2014, making a brand-supporting, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile as important as your executive resume?

With LinkedIn® now acknowledged as the #1 candidate sourcing tool used by recruiters, it is a place where you want to be highly visible. This service will optimize your profile to be found in keyword searches and impress your visitors when it is found. The service also includes a detailed guide on how to best leverage LinkedIn® in your executive job search and ongoing career management.

See my LinkedIn® profile to get an idea of what an effective LinkedIn® presence looks like.

LinkedIn® ranks my profile in the:

Top 5% of Most-Viewed LinkedIn® Profiles as of 2014

Top 3% Rank for LinkedIn®’s Industry Social Selling Index

And it is:

“All-Star” Rated for LinkedIn® Profile Strength


Executive Bio
A high-impact career biography is a valuable tool in executive employment search, especially useful for C-level executives and those seeking board positions.

A bio can be extremely useful for an executive in a surprising variety of situations:

  • in networking, as a “softer” alternative to the executive resume, when you don’t want to be perceived as a job hunter or seem “needy”

  • as a meeting or interview follow-up, especially if you’ve already provided your resume

  • as supplementary info for a job opportunity or newly won position–where Boards of Directors, hiring committees, investors, clients, and other outside parties have an interest or role in the decision

  • as an introduction piece to be handed out or read before you take the podium as a speaker

  • as background for you as a contributor to a professional event or publication

  • for retained recruiters – they will use or modify it to submit to the potential employer

  • for display on your personal website

  • for display on job sites or professional networking sites

  • on websites where you are a contributor or are featured

  • for press inquiries or interviews

  • to provide to corporate, nonprofit, community, or other Boards of Directors of which you are a member


Mini-Profile/Branding Statement
Also sometimes called a “mini bio,” this compact, powerful statement of what you bring to the table is useful for upload to executive job, networking, or professional sites, and may also be used on handouts at public speaking engagements, etc.


Value Proposition Cover Letter
A valuable companion piece to your resume. Many employers and recruiters will simply toss your resume if there is no cover letter or it doesn’t immediately pique their interest! We will prepare a “template”  letter that can be used as is or easily customized for direct mail campaigns to recruiters, companies, venture capital firms, or your personal network. Also available are custom letters drafted to target a specific opportunity or company.  Electronic copy provided in MS Word.


E-Resume (Text Resume)
While most job sites, companies, and recruiters will now accept Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) uploads, in today’s electronic job search environment you may also need a simply formatted text version. Your resume is optimized for sending via E-mail if attachment screening is a concern, pasting in the fields on executive job boards or membership sites, or applying for positions via the careers page on corporate sites.


Reference List
Your reference list should contain three to five professional references from whom you have obtained permission and to whom you have provided a copy of your resume. And it is not a bad idea to have a third party call them to make sure you do not join the ranks of candidates who were rejected at the last minute due to an unfavorable reference (see the service mentioned below).


Salary History
A key card to be held in the poker game of hiring for as long as you can. When the appropriate time comes to discuss compensation, you will be armed with a compensation summary which takes into account not only your base pay but bonuses, expected raises, perks, etc.


Electronic Copies of Your Files
Electronic copy(ies) of any/all documents prepared for you are provided, so you may print or edit your documents at will.

Copies are also maintained at my end for use in future updates or in case a mishap causes you to lose your files (although availability cannot be guaranteed).


Thank-You Letter
An absolute must! Though timeliness is important, it is far better to send this late than (Heaven forbid!) not at all. The thank-you letter does just as it says—it thanks the interviewer(s) for their time and consideration. It serves the additional important functions of: reminding them who you are, reiterating why you are such a good match for the position, and bolstering your candidacy with any important information missed in the interview.


Follow-Up Letter
Serves many of the same functions as the Thank-You letter. The hiring process, particularly for executive level positions, can take many weeks or even months, during which even the highest caliber candidate can get lost in the shuffle. The Follow-Up letter expresses your continuing interest and can help move your file from the bottom of the inbox back to the middle of the desk.


Resume Distribution & Online Publication


Executive Folio Website (Resume & Career Online Portfolio)
An Executive Folio website takes your resume to a new level with the beauty of a professionally designed HTML resume as well as display of other career documents you may have such as executive bios, white papers you’ve written, etc.  With well over 90% of recruiters and companies “Googling” candidates, you can “publish” your web resume to search engines on your own custom URL to help build a positive web presence that reinforces your candidacy. (Likewise, if you prefer to keep your resume private, you can do so.)

The Web resume is great for use as a link in your e-mail when you contact a party who does not know you personally, as it does not pose the security risks of opening an attachment. (Many corporate systems nowadays have firewalls, spam filters, and anti-virus programs that may screen out your attachment.) With a Creative Keystrokes Web Resume, you’ll have your own mini-Website that is confidential, affordable, allows download of your Word resume and/or other documents, and  projects the image of a tech-savvy, 21st Century job seeker who offers the Web-driven interactivity and access that hiring agents have come to expect.


Custom Recruiter Distribution
Maximum visibility for minimum time and expense. We will target your list based on various criteria such as industry specialty, position specialty, salary level, retained versus contingent firm, etc. You will receive complete contact information for follow-up with each recipient.


Tools and Services to Ensure You are Fully Prepared for Your Search


Reference Checking Service
Are you confident that the references that you provide will indeed give you an excellent recommendation? An indifferent reference can be just as damaging as an overtly unfavorable one. Be certain that your references will provide a good recommendation with this service. Check them out here: Allison & Taylor, Inc.


LinkedIn® Guide for Executives: Leveraging LinkedIn® Effectively in Career Management and Job Search
Fully illustrated e-book on strategies to utilize LinkedIn® effectively, whether you are in active job search, or simply want to grow and maintain a robust professional network. Guide is updated periodically to reflect the latest changes and strategies for LinkedIn®.