As we all know, job search success depends upon not only a powerful resume but also market conditions and your job search efforts. Disappointment often results from unrealistic expectations regarding the employment market. A long-time rule of thumb for executive job search has been a month for each $10K of salary. I’ve never seen any verified research to confirm this, but I do tell my clients that 6 months to a year seems reasonable for an executive job search. For those at C-suite level, the lead time is typically longer than for VP level. And, of course, in an economic downturn or recession, you will be competing for a much smaller pool of opportunities.


My primary goal is your satisfaction, and I stand by my work. I do ask that you use your executive resume aggressively for at least 30 days. This means sending out at least 100 resumes to appropriate, viable targets—positions that are known to be still available for which your experience is a close match and for which the resume was targeted. After doing the above, if your resume is not generating “bites,” I will:

  • Help you examine your search strategy, and

  • If needed, cheerfully and promptly rewrite or revise your resume or other documents.