About YOUR executive resume writer

Why Choose laurie

Selecting an Executive Resume Service is a very important decision. After all, the success of your current employment search and ultimately your career can be greatly affected by your choice. So how do you go about making such a decision?


Obviously, you will want to work with a resume writer who offers excellent credentials, extensive experience working at executive level, and a proven track record in delivery of high-impact marketing tools that get results.

You will want to retain a writer who will work with you personally and not subcontract your project.

You will want to work with a high-caliber professional who is well respected and active in the careers field.

Additionally, as a busy executive, you will want a full-service executive resume writing firm that can serve as a central resource for all of your employment search needs, and that can also provide information about outside resources that will be valuable to you.

So, why choose Creative Keystrokes℠? You will find detailed answers to this question in the drop-down menu under “About.”