The following e-mail received from a client who is a general management executive at a Fortune 5 company is typical:

To: Laurie J. Smith
Thanks for a Great Resume


The results from my resume are in and they are phenomenal, exceeding even my most favorable expectations. I sent the resume in bulk to retainer firms to make sure I was on their radar screens. I also sent it to six targeted companies, all of which are outside of my present industry. From those six, I received responses from five, phone interviews from four, fly-outs from three, and an offer from at least one (two others are still in process). Best of all, the offer on the table is at EVP level and is in my preferred geographic location.

The positive comments on the quality of my resume don’t stop. The specific points of praise include the interest-generating summary, tight writing in the body, quantitatively supported accomplishments, and clean, readable format. Its impact is most apparent in the way it creates smooth-flowing interviews by providing the interviewer with interesting lines of questioning and me with thorough support for every response. I attribute the richness of the supporting detail to your mentoring over the past five years, especially your emphasis on collecting and retaining supporting data for all key accomplishments. I look forward to working with you on future resume updates as my career progresses. I will also continue to send referrals your way as people see the work you have done on my resume and ask how they can get the same assistance on theirs. Thanks again for a job well done.

- Stuart E (Global Sales/Marketing & General Management Executive, Fortune 5)

This from an IT executive client SHOWS the consistent success of a Creative Keystrokes executive resume across various settings:

To: Laurie J. Smith


I feel it necessary to write and Thank You again for your service in developing my resume.

Having been with the same company for ten years, I didn’t have a need to explore the job search world, and had heard nightmare stories about how difficult it was to get noticed when searching. Since I’m still in a solid position I have not aggressively been searching for a new position, and only submitting my resume to those that would be of real interest to me.

Of the eight positions for which I have submitted my resume, five of them have already responded with interview requests! Three of these were with direct postings on the respective company websites, one through a recruiter and one through a networking contact. In a market where a web posting may receive hundreds of responses, I would say my success rate is a testimony to your ability to pull the facts together and guide your clients to success.

- Scott M. (Executive managing global IT business systems and infrastructure for multi-billion dollar manufacturer headquartered in Europe)


“When I look at this resume, it just leaves me breathless!”

- T. T., Senior Sales/Marketing Executive

“It looks absolutely wonderful. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. I’d hire me… I have gotten unexpected positive results by sending my resume to companies directly. I currently have interviews scheduled with 2 companies and made it through the first phase on a third… a pre-IPO software possibility… Your resume has received positive results from all three…thanks.”

- J. L., Senior Human Resources Executive

“It was like night and day over what I had. I really appreciate all your help.”

- A. H., Senior IT Managing Director

“Your changes make the resume present 10 times better, I think; that is amazing to me, as the version you started with is the one from the previous resume outfit, […]. The thinking process that you have had me go through dovetails very well with book or two I am currently reading on interviews, etc., and again I am very pleased. Thanks again!!”

- S. R., President/CEO – High Technology

“Wow! Nice job, Laurie. I like how you have succinctly pulled everything we discussed together. It reads well, it flows smoothly, and is brief.”

- W. G., CEO, Executive Director

“I start a new job tomorrow. Thanks for all the help … You are great. That resume you wrote for me got a lot of rave reviews from recruiters and HR folks. Let me know if I can help you. Be delighted to be an endorsement any time you wish. I’m also going to pass along my comments about your skills to Exec-U-Net. Take care.”

- J. H., President/COO – High Technology

“I just wanted you to know that I have accepted a new position as Vice President, Global Procurement with […]. During my interviews, I received several compliments on my resume. In fact, the recruiter for the firm that was retained for this position personally told me that he thought my resume was exceptionally well done. I just wanted you to know this since it certainly didn’t hurt to have a great resume. I’m very happy that I selected you to help me with it. All the best!”

- U. S., Senior Procurement/Materials Management Executive

“I think the cover letter is a gem, and the resume captures nicely the essential career highlights without being boring. Over the years I’ve read so many boring resumes I stopped reading beyond the quick essentials. I think this one will have a different effect.”

- W. G., Fortune 500 Vice President – High Technology Strategic Initiatives

“[The] resume has gotten just phenomenal response, got lots of interviews with major recruiters, Internet start-ups, Booz Allen, has helped open doors. Have had numerous compliments on how concise and how it has all important information and buzz words.”

- T. R., Chief Information Officer

“Just to keep you updated … I have taken the position of VP Global Operations and Supply Chain for a 3 billion dollar company. No. 2 spot in the company. Thanks for the help!”

S. B., Senior Operations/Supply Chain Executive

“Thank you for the beautiful resume. I haven’t called because I used your draft resume as is and got job offers everywhere I interviewed. Everyone who saw the resume said it was great. And I doubled my salary!”

D. N., Computer Systems Professional

“You do great work. I enjoyed reading my own resume. Thanks.”

- M. K., Architect

“I got the resume – I can tell you one thing from reading this, I don’t think they pay me enough here! I could never write a resume like this.”

- C. H., Fortune 500 Global Marketing Vice President

“_______’s resume turned out wonderful; it was an amazing difference. I will be sending others your way…”

- J. G., Executive Recruiter

“Great job with the resume and cover letter! Thanks for putting ‘sizzle’ to yours truly. You certainly have a talent for sizzle and translating a suitcase load of information and putting it into two pages of what counts.”

- W. P., Vice President Sales & Marketing/Director of Operations

“The best resume I’ve ever seen and the best money I’ve ever spent.”

- A. M., Senior Executive/Vice President Medical Manufacturing

“ Telephone comment 5 days after receipt of his resumes: “I’ve already had two interviews lined up with your resume and appreciate your work.”

- A. W., Sales Account Manager

“[My husband] got a great job days after he posted your resume on the Internet. One headhunter said, ‘I don’t say this very often, but your resume was 100% dead-on.’ Our friend also received a couple of offers quickly with your resume.”

- L. F., Customer Service Manager

“[The] resume was outstanding. I received over 15 interviews and 4 offers based on a very low key limited search….THANK YOU!!! I have referred numerous associates to your service, as I had three separate services generate a resume on the same data originally provided you, and yours was clearly the most professional, personalized, and cost effective. Feel free to add me to your reference list.”

- D. H., Director of Purchasing

“Nice job–the resume looks great! I’m very pleased with it, and the great thing is that there is no B.S. in it at all!”

- T. W., Human Resource Executive

“_______ sent me his resume, and I am so impressed. I was working with him a little while when he first took the early severance package and he was struggling with his resume, as he’d never done one before. Well, I just got a look at the one you did and it’s fantastic. I need to refer people to someone who does a great job on resumes, and I was wondering if you could put in the mail to me your cards and brochures so I could pass them out.”

- B. C., Executive Recruiter

“That cover letter knocks them out!”

- J. J., Senior Key Accounts Professional

“I’m very pleased, especially with how you handled my latest career move.”

- R. S., Chief Financial Officer

“The resume looks great, I would hire myself!”

-M. H., Airline Executive Manager

“I loved the resume and cover letter, and you’ll be permanently in my rolodex! It was amazing how you knew exactly what I was looking for.”

J. H., Information Technology Consultant

“I think [the resume is] great. You’ve done a remarkable job of capturing and putting on paper a picture of me that’s much more comprehensive than what I’d done.”

T. E., Senior Corporate Counsel

“You are a credit to your profession…. I am extremely pleased with your results. You have been a great asset at a critical moment for me and I sincerely appreciate everything you have done and continue to do.”

C. L. , Senior Director, High Technology Project Management

“You did a great job in making the reader “want to read more.”

S. S., Senior High Technology Marketing Executive

“I am impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me… well done.”

S. K., Architect/Project Manager

“The resume you did for me was a huge hit. I have two companies competing for me on the senior vice president level. All thanks to your hard work.”

J. S. , Executive Director, Corporate Communications

“I am very pleased. I especially like your emphasis on the leadership concept. My very first use … resulted in a call from a headhunter offering me an opportunity for a President/CEO job. The headhunter quoted, without a prompt from me, [your phrasing], and said he liked it. After hearing my review of operational expertise, he said I could indeed sell “Rs to Es.” He also verbalized his client’s need for leadership almost verbatim from our text. Bravo!”

R. R., Senior General Management Executive

“I get calls almost every time I send this thing out. I got interest from big companies including Sun, Microsoft, Dell, and Lexmark.”

V. F., International High Technology, Fortune 500 Marketing Executive

“It is fantastic. You certainly have a wonderful, creative way of writing. Thanks again for all of your professional help. I will keep referring you to my associates and colleagues.”

D. M., Senior Sales and Marketing Executive

“The resume and cover letter which you developed have been shown to some of my references, potential references, and colleagues for review/comments. People are impressed and wish to know where I had it prepared. I’m sure you will hear from some of them in the future…. I would like to extend my appreciation for your professional and timely assistance in this matter and look forward to utilizing your services in the future. The specific cover letter which you prepared along with a copy of the resume was sent via Fax in response to the advertisement …. on Friday … and an immediate call back followed. I am very excited about having the first contact respond this quickly.”

J. E., Construction Manager/Consultant

“As far as the referrals, my pleasure! I am not easily impressed, but when I am, I am only too glad to ‘share the wealth.'”

W. C., Regional Sales Manager

“Since posting my resume on the Internet, I received numerous telephone calls from as far as Seattle to Maryland. I recently accepted the position of Senior Corporate Communications Manager, New Media. Thank you for all of your help with my resume and cover letter.”

A. D., Internet/Web Communications Executive

“The resume is excellent, certainly worth your fee.”

C. B., Senior Vice President, Supply

“I’m very happy with it, it’s just what I needed.”

T. M., Senior Executive, High Technology Manufacturing

“I wanted to tell you that I sent a draft copy of the resume that you had worked on up to one of the headhunters I am working with and he was really, really, really impressed.”

J. S., Director, Information Systems Development

“You’re an incredible writer. I can’t believe you got all this down to two pages! This is really a powerful resume.”

D. S., Vice President Product Marketing

“I’m very pleased and excited about the way you have developed this information…. I wanted to thank you for all your help with my resume. It was definitely a key to landing this job. Please consider me a reference for your company, as your support and advice were important to me.”

H. H., Vice President/Senior Manufacturing Executive

“I called to thank you very much for your work. I didn’t call you back with edits because they were so minor I just re-keyed it into my Mac and started sending it out…. The phone immediately started ringing, and I had several compliments on the resume. The response was unbelievable, and in one week I had two job offers. I got absolutely everything I was looking for in a job as a result of your resume. I would recommend you to absolutely anyone. I was impressed from the beginning how extremely accessible and prompt you were.”

C. C., Customer Service Executive

“I have been referring all of my associates. You took all of my experience and qualifications and condensed and highlighted them into a powerful two-page marketing document.”

J. P., Senior Financial Executive

“I’ve gotten job offers right and left because of your resume. I owe a lot to you and want to thank you.”

C. C., Senior Sales/Marketing Executive

“Within one and one-half weeks I had a job offer, and my current company found out and came back with a counteroffer.”

S. T., 5-Star Hotel Manager

“I have had several people in the Human Resources and Outplacement business tell me this is an excellent resume. I think you did an excellent job, and I would refer anyone to you.”

L. C., Director, Corporate Office Services

“I love the resume. It is wonderful! I couldn’t wish for anything better. Thank you for the hard work you put into my resume.”

M. M., International Business Analyst

“Laurie, thanks–the resume looks very impressive. I appreciate your help. I will give your card out to some others … Thanks again.”

R. S., International Support Director

“I have gotten more response from the resume that you did than any other I have ever used. Thanks!”

T. J., Controller/Financial Manager

“My congratulations! I now know why I felt like I needed to hire a professional…. Thank you again for the fine job…I would even hire me!”

R. F., Senior Construction Manager

“I’ve shown the resume to a lot of people, and I can’t tell you anyone who hasn’t been very impressed with what you did with my background. I wanted to thank you for all your help with my resume. It was definitely a key to landing this job. Please consider me a reference for your company, as your support and advice were important to me…. I just wanted to let you know after several exhausting interviews I recently landed an opportunity of a lifetime…. Thanks to your help I was able to put together an extremely effective marketing tool and follow through with great results.”

K. H., Management Consultant

“I had one interview and it looks like I’m going to get a great job offer. If you need a testimonial, you’ve got one.”

G. H., Operations Director

“The résumé’s fantastic. You know I look this resume over and think, is this me? And then I realize, yes, it is. It just sticks out at you. I’ve read a lot of resumes in my career, and anybody who’s hiring when reading this who doesn’t react to it is just crazy. You know, one of my callers said I was one of 100 selected out of 1,800 from an NBEW ad response!”

B. I., Regional Sales Management Executive

“I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by how this resume has turned out. I considered myself capable of producing my own resume and remember asking you several times whether or not the changes you would make to my existing resume would be a ‘substantive’ improvement. You assured me they would. They were!… I will be mailing this resume with confidence.”

G. M., International Sales Manager

“I am so impressed with the resume, and so is my husband. I hope you don’t mind if I tell my friends about you.”

M. G., Corporate Travel Manager

“It’s the best resume I’ve ever had.”

M. M., Public Relations Specialist

“I thought I was a pretty good wordsmith until I saw what you could do.”

E. R., Executive Director

“Just to keep you updated … I have taken the position of VP Global Operations and Supply Chain for a 3 billion dollar company. No. 2 spot in the company. Thanks for the help!”

S. B., Senior Operations/Supply Chain Executive

“Thank you. I just love it. I can’t believe you were able to create something like this after one session of speaking on our conference call. I just identify with this. Thank you for the wonderful wonderful work you have done, it has impressed many people in the company and has opened a number of opportunities for me, I was really surprised myself!”

P. K., Global Business Development Executive

“The success rate … I sent the resume to around 10 companies and got call backs on 7 or 8, and interviews for half of them.”

V. F., Global General Management Executive, Global Fortune 100 company

“[The] resume has gotten just phenomenal response, got lots of interviews with major recruiters, Internet start-ups, Booz Allen, has helped open doors. Have had numerous compliments on how concise and how it has all important information and buzz words.”

T. R., Chief Information Officer

“_______’s resume turned out wonderful; it was an amazing difference. I will be sending others your way!”

B. C., Executive Recruiter

“Thank you – you have done an incredible job articulating who I am and what I have done!”

L. S., General Management Executive, Distribution

“I’m awed by your ability to put facts together in such a fine manner. I think the document provides a very good and accurate picture. Your services are a good investment.”

B. C., Senior Non-Profit/Public Administrator

“WOW! You really are good! You have certainly met/exceeded my expectations. I’m just blown away. It’s so nice to work with a pro. Thanks for a great job!”

L. U., CEO/President Manufacturing

“If I was an employer reading this I’d say this guy knows what he’s doing… Your campaign seems to be working. I have had a number of calls in the last week and one led to a phone interview with Microsoft. They are flying me out to Redmond next Wednesday for interviews there.”

M. P., CIO, $50M Division

“Your work is outstanding. Thank you for the continued efforts in my job search. I have already received about 150 responses. I have also received several comments on my resume specifically stating that it is very impressive. I really appreciate the effort you put into the wording. It seems to be making a huge difference.”

S. R., Program Management Executive

“You’ve made it come alive!”

T. R., Chief Marketing Officer

“This is great! You’re worth every penny that you charge. It brings the kind of excitement that will make a man with a wooden leg want to jump and dance. Thanks for a super job.”

K. P., Purchasing/Supply Chain Executive

“I wanted to let you know that I secured a CFO position with a good sized ($50M) [company] in the area. The resume you put together certainly helped me get the position. There were 3 finalists for the job and they picked me, with a big pay increase and great benefits. Again thank you!”

R. L., CFO, Construction Industry

“I appreciate the perspective you added. You really made it great; all the ideas are much clearer. I can tell you’ve read Strunk & White’s Avoid Needless Words.”

B. H., GM/Operations Executive

“I get a lot of compliments on your work – that’s what has gotten me most of my interviews. I’m getting interviews and everyone is offering me a job! I got two very good job offers this week. Your outstanding work was a major factor. The resume didn’t just get me in the door–it put me at the top of the class.”

W. F., Director of Business Development

“I had my original homegrown doc that I’d felt sort of good about and had sent to a recruiter on Long Island where it got filed with all the others. Then I sent your doc out – she got it and I immediately got a phone call and got a first interview. Also sent to a few companies – I was picked out of 250 resumes as one of 3 for an interview – I’m getting very good traction out of this!”

R. G., Executive VP, Sales/Marketing

“Thanks for all your good work. I could not have done anything this good by myself. You did a great job of pulling this together from that mountain of notes. Thanks for getting the story out of it.”

M. L., Executive VP/GM, Manufacturing

“Laurie: It is a pleasure to work with you. The quality of your work is the best! I’ve got far more response from your resume than mine. You did an excellent job. It is concise, targeted, and exact.”

A. K., Senior Sales/Marketing Executive

“Whenever I go for an interview, big companies especially, they always comment on the resume and how well it is written…. The last mail campaign we did I had 2 solid offers. I did get the position in … Wisconsin. Thanks!”

M. F., Operations Executive

“I am … very pleased by the obvious and substantial upgrade in materials they represent. I am already seeing better results with the new materials,”

L. R., GM/Director of Technology

“You do fantastic work. It’s incredible to have someone put in their own words the highlights of your career. Thank you for re-building my confidence as I’m embarking on this personally trying mission. I was concerned that the resume would come across as boastful or fake, but it doesn’t at all. Every word of it is absolutely true, and, the whole thing is eloquent.”

J. P., IT Executive

“I really like it. You subtly put it together to emphasize higher-level skills to make the move to CEO. It’s an easy, quick read. The last one you did worked very well and helped me to make a move up and an industry change.”

K. L., General Management Executive

“Thanks for a great effort here. I appreciate your patient and professional approach to this endeavor.”

F. R., Marketing Executive Fortune 500

“I think that your website vastly understates your capabilities, and I say that most sincerely.

J. S., GM – Construction Company

“I really appreciate all your help. Since this is the first time I’ve even done anything like this you sure made the process easier. I’ll recommend you to anyone needing your professional assistance.”

B. G., President/GM – Manufacturing

“I sent my resume to Jim, and he said I should have Laurie beef it up. He said you did wonders with his resume.”

P. B., VP Sales/Marketing

“My impression (from a communicator’s point of view) is that it’s: very well-written, thoughtful, attractive format/layout, impressive.”

D. C., Fortune 500 Executive

“It looks absolutely wonderful. I’d hire me.”

J. L., HR Director

“The documents look great. You did a fantastic job.”

J. M., V.P. Marketing – E-Commerce

“Wow! I have to say, that resume is … so riveting. Thanks for your ongoing help.”

K. F., Sr. Operations Director – Telecom

“Thank you – you have done an incredible job articulating who I am and what I have done!”

L. S., VP/GM Distribution Operations

“I was referred to you by my brother-in-law. He said he wouldn’t have received many 1st interviews without your help… Thank you very much .The resumes look perfect.”

A. R., Senior Consultant – Advertising

“Thank you very much for your excellent work. Confirmations began last night and have proceeded through the day. I’ve received three phones already asking for more detailed information. The materials you have provided and the excellent resume and cover letter give me the tools and image to make my job campaign easier.”

J. L., IT Executive

“I do appreciate your assistance and am ready to recommend your services to others.”

S. S., Senior Corporate Counsel, Chief Counsel

“I’m just pleased as punch with it. It’s just so much better a resume than what I had and I think it will go a long way toward getting me interviews.”

J. S., Finance Executive

“I am very impressed with your magic touch on my resume.”

W. G., Engineering Management

“The proofs were great and you did a great job emphasizing experience.”

W. H., General Manager/Controller

“You’re the best resume writer around … nobody comes close.”

A. K., Senior Account Executive

“You did an absolutely wonderful job…. you also do a great job of marketing yourself, and I think that’s important. If someone can’t market themselves, how could they market me?”

T. R., General Manager

“The resume is fantastic and it was a pleasure working with you as always”

D. P., Health Care Administrator/Executive Director

‘You did a wonderful job on the resume and cover letter!”

G. P., GM/Sr. VP – Technology

“All the feedback I’ve received has been positive and consistent. I have been strongly encouraged to keep the document ‘as is.'”

H. H., Operations Executive, Health Care Technology

“I think you grabbed the essence of my background nicely!”

R. H., COO/Healthcare Administration

“Great work! I never could have gotten this far without you.”

B. S., IT Executive/Practice Director

“Nice job! Even though you are not familiar with my company and what we do here, you were able to develop a resume for me that accurately reflects my past programs and experiences.”

J. F., High Technology Program Manager

“You have a knack for bringing things out in a different light. The resume and cover letter are superb. I love the style and wordsmithing.”

S. D., President, Software Company

“I am quite pleased with how well this turned out. I have had a few friends read through them and they both agreed with me on how well it was written and best captured ‘me'”!

P. M., G.M./Operations Executive – High Tech

“This is really looking great. I’m getting excited!”

M. V., Director, Facilities Management

“This is dynamite. I love the opening paragraphs of the resume and how the cover letter builds and supports my “story”.

G. L., CFO

“Great job Laurie – I am pleased to have chosen your services and would indeed recommend your services. Many thanks!”

E. Y., Senior IT Manager

“The letter and resume are phenomenal. I’ve shown the drafts around to several people who were all impressed. I will be sending several referrals.”

J. W., VP Finance/Operations

“I’ve had a lot of compliments on the resume, and it’s been very effective.”

S. S., President/GM Country Club

“I think it reads very well, is aggressive and has high impact, and is focused on tangible achievements, which I like.”

J. P., Director, Consulting Practice

“Listen, I must say these proofs are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. I was very, very impressed. The quality and professionalism was overwhelming. Thank you very much.”

M. S., Fortune 500 Sales Executive

“I was calling to let you know that I found a position with a company. Certainly it owes a lot to the wonderful resume that you did and I’ll certainly keep you in mind for future business and refer anyone that’s looking for your services in future. Thanks very much and take care.”

J. H., HR Executive

“Thank you for your draft; I love it. Not exaggerated, yet full of confidence from the descriptions.”

T. N., Bank Officer/VP

“This really is a great resume! I am impressed on how you were able to put the scrap biz into words! I’ve been singing your praises to the world.”

L. K., Sales/Marketing VP

“You did an excellent job of picking and probing… very helpful in networking.”

R. P., President, Technology Company

“I am very pleased with your work, and am convinced I did the right thing asking you to apply your good talent with an objective eye to my needs. I like the resume without qualification.”

P. H., Business Development/GM Executive

“I called to say that I have been sending out the resume and it is getting very good response.”

M. K., Construction Management Executive

“I got the resume – I can tell you one thing from reading this, I don’t think they pay me enough here! I could never write a resume like this.”

C. H., Global Marketing Manager

“Two nice offers…. That cover letter knocks them out!”

J. J., Senior Account Executive

“The cover letter as well as the resume were spectacular. I’d give that guy an interview!”

L. R., Director of Lab Services

“Allow me to begin by thanking you for all your help. You did an excellent job in revising my old resume. Shortly after mailing out my new resume I received calls from Human Resource Departments from some local area companies. I interviewed with everyone who called and chose to work for _______; seven months have elapsed and I have already been promoted to a higher position.”

N. G., Security Administrator

“[I] wanted to let you know I got the position as Director …. and I started right away. Thank you for your responsiveness and your assistance. I really appreciate it and, again, I’d be happy to refer friends and colleagues to you and be a reference any time.”

M. P., Program Manager

“Thank you for your efforts. Upon reading the final product my wife commented “I would hire this person!”

T. M., Senior Director, Scientific Research

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