How To Write An Executive Resume

Executive resume writing tips from a pro

Obviously it is my belief that most executives can benefit greatly from the services of a talented and experienced executive resume writer or I wouldn't do what I do!

Yet for those who must for some reason write their own executive resume, the resources on this page will steer you in the right direction.

Each of us has a limited specialty area or areas. While I have over three decades of success as a writer, I would make a poor operations or financial executive!

Likewise, my clients frequently tell me that while they are very good at what they do, they know they are not equipped to present themselves well on paper. To emphasize this point, many of my most appreciative clients have been marketing, sales, and business development executives who know what it takes to write effective marketing copy.

However, if you are REALLY confident that:

  • You are a persuasive and concise writer

  • Your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are impeccable

  • You know exactly what should be included in your resume

  • You know exactly what should NOT be included in your resume

  • You have a good eye for attractive presentation

  • You are able to tout your skills and accomplishments without sounding boastful

  • You have spent many hours keeping current on the latest trends in resume best practices and hiring

  • You have a substantial chunk of time to devote to writing, proofing, and editing your resume

— the articles linked to below will help you. If you are not confident of ALL of these things, it’s definitely time to bring in a pro.

The following articles appear in my Executive Resumes and Career Transition Strategies Blog and on various career-related sites across the web. You’ll find tips and strategies for writing a powerful executive resume, learn about how to use keywords and optimize for ATS, how to avoid age and gender discrimination, mistakes to avoid in executive resume writing, and characteristics that distinguish an executive resume from a management-level resume.

Be sure to visit my blog regularly, as I will continue to post new articles on executive resume writing strategies.