Hearing Nothing But Crickets on Job Interview Call Backs? You’re Not Alone


You’re not imagining it: The time it takes to get a call back from a recruiter, or for the interview(s) you had to turn into a job offer or at least a polite decline is increasing. A report released last week by Glassdoor presented an analysis of over 340,000 “interview reviews” that visitors to the Glassdoor career site have submitted.

Whereas the typical length of the interview process was about 13 days in 2010, it has since nearly doubled to 23 days in 2014. One theory advanced was that there has been a shift away from more cut-and-dried jobs to complex ones that require more judgement, and thus the screening process is harder and more painstaking. Employers are using skills tests, doing more thorough background checks, drug tests, etc.

Another study using Labour Department data cited an all-time high of 27.3 working days to fill a job opening. Of course, the lead time does depend greatly on the type of position. A waiter or cook hire can take as little as 7 days, but an SVP can expect a lengthy interviewing process of about 55 days.

After you’ve submitted your executive resume and received that first call or phone interview with the recruiter, you have good reason to be excited. However, you will make it through the interviewing and hiring process with greater peace of mind if you maintain realistic expectations about time lines.

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