Increase Your Career Visibility Through LinkedIn Status Updates

Increase Your Career Visibility Through LinkedIn Status Updates.png

There are various ways you can increase your visibility to the industry and recruiters on LinkedIn, and in so doing increase the likelihood of requests for your executive resume as well as direct contacts from recruiters and hiring managers. A tried-and-true method is to join relevant industry groups and either start or participate in existing discussions. Your participation in these discussions can also be featured in your status updates and show up in your connections’ news feeds (assuming you have your privacy settings set to allow this).
Another, less frequently leveraged strategy is to make a point of regularly updating your status on LinkedIn. While I routinely recommend this to my executive clients, I do understand why some may be hesitant to do so: Coming up with interesting comments and content on a regular basis can be challenging. To make this a little easier, here are some suggestions about things you can share to keep yourself constantly in view:

  • Blog posts you have written

  • YouTube videos you have posted

  • Slideshows you have prepared

  • News you have found about your company or target companies

  • Tips and strategies related to your area of expertise

  • Your thoughts on issues in your industry

  • Questions that you would like to pose to industry experts

  • Interesting infographics

  • Quotes from people that you admire

  • Amusing pictures or cartoons (professionally appropriate, of course)

  • Info about upcoming events of interest to your connections

  • Info about events you have attended (conferences, etc.)

  • Status updates from others in your network – Help them brag!

So to get started… Click on “Share an Update” near the top of your Home screen, or if you have a lot to say, consider clicking on “Publish a Post” and wax eloquent!