Is Big Brother Watching YOU?

Is Big Brother Watching YOU_.jpg

Today we are all familiar with the innumerable threats to our privacy and the safety of our personal identities from theft or other misuse. Enter a potential solution: RFID’s or Radio Frequency Identification Devices. These are tiny devices the size of a grain of rice that can be inserted under the skin and store a variety of types of information. Many of us are already using them as a way of identifying our pets in case of loss or theft. Companies such as plumbing and electrical service providers already use them to track their technicians using GPS.

Well, now some employers have begun using the devices in the workplace as a means for employees to access restricted or secure areas. While the devices are currently used only like keycards for access, the potential is there for use to track employee movements, and as the technology advances for others such as the government to track citizens’ movements. Keep your eyes open as RFID devices and biometric ID’s become increasingly the norm. George Orwell may have had his timing a bit off, but it seems to be becoming more true daily that “Big Brother is Watching You.”

On a related note, try doing a Google search on your street address or phone number. Then click on Google Maps to pinpoint your address. Then click on satellite in the upper right to view a satellite picture of your location. For some locations you can zoom in REALLY close and see if your child left his or her bicycle in the driveway.