Tech Execs: Wondering Where the Next Technology Hub Will Be?


A recent article in eWeek discussed the lively debate going on in the corporate world and in major business, technology, and local government publications regarding where the nation’s next major technology hub will emerge. Google and Microsoft have both bought massive properties in the Midwest, but there are a number of cities that show strong potential to be the place where you technology execs may next hang your hat.

Silicon Valley has a long way to go before it fades from prominence, but it has unfortunately become a victim of its own success, driving the cost of living to almost unimaginable levels in the region and the cost base for companies located there through the roof. With the employment market shifting more in favor of the candidate, employee retention and quality of life are becoming primary factors in locating technology enterprises.

So where will the next hub be? No one can say for sure, but eWeek analyzed the information out there to come up with a top ten list:

1. Seattle
2. Atlanta
3. Boston
4. Washington, D.C.
5. Dallas
6. Philadelphia
7. Chicago
8. Orlando
9. Los Angeles
10. Charlotte

Some areas in Florida, Central New Jersey, the Maryland suburbs, and even Las Vegas and Reno show potential. But the bottom line as the article points out is that “In the end, the skills are going to be where the people want to relocate because there’s a good quality of life.”