A Little Good Job Market News for a Change

A Little Good Job Market News for a Change_.jpg

I just received an update from Indeed.com on current employment trends by industry and city. (Indeed.com is a job site that will search job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages for you.)

Their analysis shows that 10 out of 13 industries which they track generated more job postings in April than they did in any other month so far this year.

Among the notable trends were a 25% quarterly growth in Transportation and a continued high demand for HR professionals (including recruiters).

Healthcare continued its strong position, with job openings nearly double those of any other industry and an increase of 21% in the last quarter alone.

Manufacturing also experienced an encouraging 21% increase in the last quarter.

The only industry in which they noted a decline was Real Estate at -17%, which unfortunately seems to have not yet hit bottom.

Another key indicator is the ratio of job openings to unemployed workers in a given geographic area. While at the beginning of this year only 9 cities had a 1:1 ratio (one job opening per unemployed person), 15 metro areas currently have a ratio of 1:1–a substantial improvement. Miami and Los Angeles ranked the worst, with a 1:4 ratio.

You can get more details on other industries and cities by visiting the Indeed Blog.