Costly Executive Job Search Mistakes

Costly Executive Job Search Mistakes.jpg

A survey conducted recently for The Ladders job site of 500 executive recruiters reveals what recruiters consider to be the three greatest mistakes made by job seekers in these tough economic times:

1. They are too desperate and willing to take anything.
(Even if you feel desperate, make sure others cannot see it! And think twice before you take a job that does not seem right for you.)

2. They are poorly prepared for the interview.
(No excuse for this one! See my previous post: Do Your Homework Before that Executive Job Interview

3. They provide a weak resume.
(Your executive resume is your ambassador–it represents you on paper. It must effectively make a business case for hiring you and vividly portray and exude your distinctive brand from start to finish!)

Avoid these costly mistakes to avoid sabotaging your executive job search. And if you want a shorter, more successful search, incorporate a well-thought-out search strategy that includes extensive networking among colleagues, former bosses and clients, and recruiters.