Dreaming of a New Job in 2015? Great Place to Work’s Top 25

Dreaming of a New Job in 2015_ Great Place to Work’s Top 25.jpg

Have you begun polishing up your executive resume with your sights set on a new and challenging position for 2014?

If so, you may want to review consulting firm Great Place to Work’s just-released list of the top-ranked workplaces derived through employee surveys and third-party assessment in what they tout as the largest study of its kind.

The rankings were weighted 2/3 on employee perceptions of work culture and 1/3 on the external assessment of company policies and practices.

Number one on the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces for the third consecutive year is Google. Other high-ranking employers include Microsoft, Marriott, eBay, and Coca-Cola.

While a powerful executive resume and winning interview skills may land you what seems like a dream job at a substantial pay increase, all that may be for naught if you find yourself ensnared in an unpleasant work environment. Whether the company you decide to go with is on this list or not, researching the work culture and employee satisfaction is just as important as evaluating competitive salary and benefits.

For the full list of 25, see: