Forbes Cites Top Executive Job and Recruiter Sites

Forbes Cites Top Executive Job and Recruiter Sites.jpg

My senior executive resume clients and blog visitors will want to review Forbes’ annual review of the top executive job and recruiter sites. (Note to reader: Forbes has since removed the articles previously linked to here.) In a competitive job market, knowledge of the most effective online resources and recruiter contacts is essential to speed your search. Some of the better job sites not only include a plethora of listings but also feature salary trackers, networking bulletin boards, and other valuable tools.

Highlighted sites include Netshare, which they describe as a “great place to search national listings for the $100,000-plus executive (Note to the reader: Netshare has since closed its doors), and Spencer Stuart, extolled for using “its uncommonly thorough Web site to recruit execs making $100,000-plus a year. At last glance, nearly 90 top-dog jobs were listed. But that’s not all: intelligent content abounds.”

While leveraging your personal network remains the top essential tool in executive-level job search, you are surely missing out on potential opportunities if you do not get your executive resume in the hands of top recruiting firms via the better online job and recruiter sites.