How Many Employers Acknowledge Resumes They Receive?

How Many Employers Acknowledge Resumes They Receive_.jpg

Workforce Week Newsletter recently published the results of a survey of employers regarding their practices in responding to resumes they receive. Regarding the question, “What is your company’s practice for acknowledging resumes?” these were the responses:

35%: We acknowledge all the resumes that we receive

13%: We acknowledge resumes that we believe come from serious applicants

39%: We can’t possibly acknowledge all the resumes we receive–we are inundated with resumes

14%: None of the above

Total respondents: 672

So now you know that all other things being equal, a candidate’s chances are far less than 50/50 that they will receive any kind of response at all when they submit a resume to a potential employer. Of course, “all other things being equal” is the operative phrase here. What if you have researched and determined that this opening is a great match for your capabilities and/or that you have expertise and insights that the company badly needs? What if you have developed a powerful executive resume and cover letter that so strongly make your case that they virtually compel your recipient to contact you? Odds are high that you will be one of the lucky few who DO receive that acknowledgment as well as an interview.