Recruiters Having a Hard Time Finding Qualified Executives


The Herman Trend Alert – Feeling the Pinch
March 9, 2005

Employers are beginning to feel the tight labor market. Our ongoing research with a wide range of employers throughout the United States and in a number of other countries confirms that finding, recruiting, and hiring qualified people is becoming more challenging. Stories we hear move us to say, ‘MUCH more challenging.’ 

The number of job openings is increasing—at all levels. Recruiters are more aggressive now, seeking qualified people to work as executives, managers, technicians, production workers, salespeople, drivers, mechanics, and many other jobs. One FORTUNE 500 company has 7,000 openings; another needs 8,000 over the next six months. Retained search firms have difficulty finding qualified senior executives [emphasis added].”

Laurie’s Comment:

This is really good news! Signs have been indicating an up-tick in the executive employment market for a while now, and it seems that the market is beginning to really break loose.

Frustrated executives and managers unhappy with the way they’ve been treated in recent years are actively circulating their resumes. Those who have been afraid to “rock the boat” are now testing the waters. With position openings steadily increasing, we seem to be shifting back toward an employee’s market versus the employer market we’ve seen since 9/11.

It may be time to consider dusting off that old document and putting together a polished and impactful executive resume that will make recruiters and employers sit up and take notice!