Straight From the Horse’s (Recruiter’s) Mouth


Courtesy of valued colleague Susan Britton Whitcomb of The Academies, these results from a recent Korn-Ferry survey provide valuable insight into what are the most important criteria when recruiters and hiring executives consider an executive candidate.

Here are their responses to the question, “When comparing finalists for an executive position, what gives one candidate the biggest ‘edge’?”

Cultural fit 42%

Character/personality 32%

Work experience 17%

Growth potential 8%

Educational background 1%

The good news is that lack of higher education may not be quite the stumbling block or career limiter that some have thought. It is also apparent that personality and culture fit are far more heavily weighed than work history.

These facts show how extremely important it is to prepare well for interviews, thoroughly researching the company and its corporate culture. They also show that it is critical to arrive at your interviews well rested, calm, and in a positive, communicative mood.