The Purpose and Value of an Executive Resume

The Purpose and Value of an Executive Resume.jpg

A recent article in the PARWCC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches) monthly newsletter discussed the definition of a resume, and some of the key benefits of creating a powerful one in today’s job market. My colleague, Jay Block, put forth some excellent observations in that article, to which I have added my thoughts.

Firstly, what exactly IS an executive resume? As I constantly tell my clients and prospective clients, your resume is a self-marketing tool. It is designed to effectively communicate to potential employers or recruiters your proven ability to deliver substantial business results and meet performance targets, and do both of these things in a manner that surpasses the ability of your competitors in the job market.

As the article’s author points out, there are 5 major benefits to be gained by putting together a powerful resume:

1) Market Value Communication
An effective executive resume is not a career obituary. Rather, it communicates your potential VALUE to prospective employers, your ability to deliver bottom line results superior to what other qualified candidates can deliver.

2) Market Differentiation
A powerful resume differentiates you from your competition in terms of skills, qualifications, and other “assets” that set you apart from the pack. A differential factor that can tip the hiring scale in your favor might be an industry-wide reputation, a high-level certification or degree, etc.

3) Confidence Building
Seeing your market value “pop” on your resume is a tremendous confidence builder, enhancing your ability to promote yourself, keep a positive attitude throughout your employment search, and proudly submit your resume.

4) Opening Doors
An executive resume with what I like to call “sizzle” can open doors by trumpeting your value in a manner that brings it to the top of the pile, versus the typical bland, cookie-cutter document that blends in with the hundreds of other resumes received.

5) More Effective Interviewing
The executive resume preparation process actually does double duty: It delivers a powerful presentation of your value on paper, and prepares you well to shine in the interview. By examining and articulating your value proposition for the resume, you are also equipping yourself to communicate your value more effectively in the interview and win the job offer.