Wonderful Career Advice from Successful Leaders

Wonderful Career Advice from Successful Leaders.jpg

This morning I was delighted to run across a great compilation of advice from people who have been successful in diverse areas of life and business.

Their callings in life span a wide gamut of areas including corporate business, entrepreneurial enterprises, business consulting, higher education, venture capital investment, and even entertainment.

Gems of wisdom include:

“Don’t waste energy on your so-called failures” –Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder and Chairman

“Choose job experience over a title” –Pat Wadors, SVP LinkedIn Global Talent

“Focus on doing good work, not on self promotion” –Jerry Seinfeld, Actor

“Go sideways to go up” –Amit Singh, Vice President of Business and Operations for Virtual Reality at Google

“Ask for help” –Steve Jobs, Apple

“Don’t let fear stop you” –Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

To these I might add: “Seek the advice of those who have gone successfully before you.”

For more really good advice, see the full article on Inc.: 16 Pieces of Career Advice from Successful People