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Dress for Success in Your Executive Job Interviews

You’ve got an absolutely stunning executive resume and LinkedIn profile, have practiced your responses to the toughest interview questions, and have researched everything you can find about your target companies. But don’t forget how you look at that upcoming interview.

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Remembering “The Greatest”–Muhammad Ali

By his own statement, Muhammad Ali was an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent he was given. I decided that his passing deserved note on my Executive Resumes Blog, because of the determination, ambition, perseverance, philanthropy, and unmitigated success of his career—things to which most executives would aspire.

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Job References: Think Your Former Employer Can’t Bad Mouth You? Think Again

All of that persuasive information you included on your executive resume got you the call, there is an offer on the table and they’ve asked for your references. You are confident that your former employers will say glowing things about you, or at least be noncommittal… Apparently this is not so.

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