Work/Life Balance: High-Power Executives Need a Break, Too


In a recent Herman Trend Alert, it was noted that it is becoming increasingly common to take a “sabbatical” from work, and the forecast is that increasing numbers of men and women at all levels in their careers will opt to take a break from their careers for periods ranging from 2 months to a year or more. I believe that our heightened awareness post-911 of just how fragile life is and the greater focus on what really matters in our lives that grows out of that awareness will drive this trend.

The article notes that “Some executives are now negotiating such time off as part of their compensation arrangements when they are recruited.” Taking time out to care for elderly parents, pursue that degree, realize your dream of global travel, write a book, turn your beloved hobby into a business, or just refresh your mind and body – all of these can be excellent reasons for such a break. Executives in career transition may wish to consider this option in career planning, bearing in mind the well-worn but oh-so-true cliche – “You can’t take it with you.”