Avoid Making Any of These Executive Job Interview Mistakes

Avoid Making Any of These Executive Job Interview Mistakes.png

After you worked so diligently to land an interview with your dream company, you do not want to negate your efforts by making surprisingly common interviewing mistakes. Alison Doyle published a great article on this on December 9, well worth a read.

Mistakes she highlights that I particularly warn my executive resume clients against making include:

  • Knowing little to nothing about the company you are interviewing with. Interview prep requires extensive research into the company, its market(s), the challenges it faces, and the opportunities it has (currently or in the near future).

  • Being unprepared to answer common questions.

  • Presenting fuzzy facts on your resume for which you have no support.

She warns against seven other common mistakes, which all executive job candidates would do well to heed. Among them is dressing inappropriately, which I have covered in my December 26 blog post, Dress for Success in Your Executive Job Interviews.

To read the full article, go to Most Common Interview Mistakes.