Executive Job Search Tip: Want Good Answers? Ask the Right Questions.

Executive Job Search Tip- Want Good Answers_ Ask the Right Questions.png

Jason Alba has a great blog (and a career management website called JibberJobber that is worth looking into as well). In reading his latest post “I Broke My Ankle. Lessons Learned…,” I was nodding yes for two reasons:

1) I have experienced a very similar situation to Jason’s regarding medical care. Several years ago, I spent hours on the phone going round and round with my medical provider and the insurance company simply trying to find out how much an expensive diagnostic test was going to cost me as a cash, out of pocket payer. It was ridiculous.

2) He hits the nail on the head when stressing that your inquiries during job search need to be specific and targeted, not generic questions such as “I’m looking for a job. Do you know of anything?” Pinpoint what type of position you are looking for, in what industry. Where geographically would you like to find this position? Is there a specific company that interests you?

Make your questions easy and quick to answer when you are approaching recruiters, current employees of companies, your connections on LinkedIn, and other members of your network! You’re much more likely to get a specific, helpful answer than “Gee, sorry, I don’t know of anything.”

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