How to Tell The Good from The Bad and The Ugly in Job Postings


“According to an 8+ year survey WEDDLE’s conducted, the one thing most Internet job seekers do when they go online is look at job postings.”

These announcements, however, are very different from traditional employment ads. They don’t appear in the format of a print classified and aren’t restricted to the tight space constraints imposed by newspapers and journals. As a result, you’ll need a new set of rules for reading and evaluating job postings if you’re to avoid wasting time on mediocre employers and focus your attention and efforts where they can best advance your career.”

Laurie’s Comments:

With the incredible volume of job postings available at any given time on the Internet within many job categories, reviewing them efficiently can present a tremendous challenge. Firstly, of course, you will need to weed out those that are obviously bogus, shams, or get-rich-quick scheme come-ons. Then you will want to evaluate postings for level and quality of detail regarding specific requirements for the position and what the company offers you, the “candidate friendliness” of the application procedure, and clear indication of how your privacy will be protected should you apply.

Considering all of these elements will help you to make an informed decision whether to apply and provide strong clues as to the corporate culture of your prospective employer and the likelihood that this could be a good match.