Industry Outlook for 2005


BusinessWeek Online’s Annual Industry Outlook

“Last year was a great time to be an oil company: Crude briefly shot past $55 a barrel, the highest ever. It was good to be a bank, too — expansionary monetary policy kept banks’ cost of money super-low. For retailers, strong consumer spending made 2004 a year to remember.

In 2005, a lot could change — for better and for worse. Although overall economic growth will be about the same, the ranks of winners and losers are in for a shakeup.”

Laurie’s Comments:

Business Week’s Industry Outlook for 2005 contains valuable market intelligence and projections that can help executives with informed decision making. Whether you are in Manufacturing, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Services, or Finance, you will likely find information about your specific niche.

Among the headlines:
Oil – no gusher but a steady flow.
More Good Vibes for Heavy Metal.
Aerospace: Preparing for a Descent.
Construction Still Building.
Telecom: The Merger is the Message.
Software: Expect the Giants to Stay Sluggish.
Tightwad IT Buyers Loosen Up.
More Bitter Pills for Big Pharma.
BioTech One Sector with Strong Vital Signs.
Retail: There Goes the Gravy Train.
Banking: Bracing for the Squeeze.

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