Job References: Think Your Former Employer Can’t Bad Mouth You? Think Again

Job References- Think Your Former Employer Can’t Bad Mouth You_ Think Again.jpg

In an article published by Allison Taylor recently, this reference-checking firm debunked some mistaken ideas that many have these days about what employers will and will not do when contacted about a job reference for a potential hire.

All of that persuasive information you included on your executive resume got you the call, and you used your practiced communication skills to ace a series of interviews. There is an offer on the table and they’ve asked for your references. You are confident that your former employers will say glowing things about you, or at least be noncommittal, so you consent to them contacting those employers.

Apparently this is not so. Allison Taylor has been in the business of checking references for corporations and individuals for over 30 years. While you clearly need to consent to the contact simply because if you do not that raises an immediate red flag, it is not safe to assume that your former employer cannot and will not supply unflattering comments about you.

It is not illegal for a former employer to provide a negative reference, and the prospective employer will rarely let you know if that has occurred. Some employers do hesitate to provide negative responses, simply to avoid the potential of a lawsuit–some, but definitely not all.

This is where engaging the assistance of a professional reference checking firm can pay off. Have a firm like Allison Taylor find out what your references are really saying about you, and if it is negative and unfair, you then have options such as sending a Cease-and-Desist letter or even pursuing legal action. In the case of job references, what you don’t know definitely can hurt you.

I have known and recommended the services of Allison Taylor for many years. To see the full article, see Do You Know What Your Former Boss Will Say About You? You can check out their services at (I do receive small compensation for business generated through my referrals, but truly do think from executive feedback that they are one of the best.)