What To Do Before Leaving a Job

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Alison Doyle on About.com posted an article recently regarding what you need to do before leaving a job, and she provides some great advice. Happy or not in the position you are leaving, it is extremely important not to burn bridges and to leave a good taste in the mouth of your previous employer. It can pay big dividends later.

Among the steps she advises taking are to get recommendations from supervisors, colleagues, and key constituents before you leave, and reciprocate with recommendations for them. You’ll also want to save non-proprietary work samples, and document your accomplishments while you can still remember them and have access to information about them.

Probably most important of all is to keep it nice, polite, and be as helpful as possible in helping your superiors to fill the void that will be created by your departure.

If you are leaving with a new job landed, remember to be humble. If you are leaving voluntarily without a new job landed, figure out your finances and make a budget beforehand. If you are leaving involuntarily, be sure to expedite preparation or updating of your executive resume and LinkedIn profile.

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