Know When to Quit Negotiating on the Job Offer!

Know When to Quit Negotiating on the Job Offer!.png

Your fantastic executive resume and well-honed interviewing skills have landed you an offer for the new executive position of your dreams. You negotiated a base salary above what you had asked for, and even managed to get a sign-on bonus for moving expenses. You accepted the offer over the phone.
This is when it gets interesting. A reader of Nick Corcodilos’ blog “Ask the Headhunter” described this situation to Nick and then asked if he thought it was too late to negotiate for more, “kicking himself” for not doing so.

As Nick points out, it is NOT OK to go back for more after you have already accepted an executive job offer. He likens the situation to buying a new car, and when you go to pick it up, down payment check in hand, the salesman informs you that he wants you to pay a few thousand more. Imagine your reaction! This is exactly what you would be doing to your future employer, and I do agree with Nick that if I were that employer, I’d rescind the offer immediately. What would trying to renegotiate say about your integrity? A deal is a deal.

For more on this situation and your options, see Nick’s article.