Tips for Executives Looking to Serve on Boards

Tips for Executives Looking to Serve on Boards.jpg

A new book by Jim Brown entitled The Imperfect Board Member is getting raves from a variety of reviewers, including Ken Blanchard (co-author of the classic, The One-Minute Manager). The book talks about the principles of effective governance in our current business environment, where Sarbanes-Oxley has made it necessary for boards to become more active. Brown describes 7 keys to effective boardroom leadership:

DIRECT the organization in the best interests of its owners
PROTECT the interests of the organization’s owners
RESPECT the owners by listening, communicating, and understanding their interests
REFLECT on the organization’s performance
SELECT talented people to lead the organization as Officers and Directors
EXPECT top performance from each director
INSPECT the CEO’s performance

Many of my executive resume clients serve on boards as part of their employment. (As an executive still actively engaged in corporate employment, serving on boards can add greatly to your reputation and credibility, and enrich your experience.) Others have retired from active employment and seek to occupy their time with board service.

For executives in either of these categories, I recommend taking a look at this book, since it appears it would be helpful in your quest to be a highly effective, productive, and sought-after board member. I checked on, and they do carry it, at an excellent price.